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Yalova Horse Farm

27.09.2020Places to visit

Yalova horse farm addresses to horse lovers from all ages with its ponies as well as its English and Arab horses. Children are introduced to horses in indoor and outdoor paddocks beginning from the age of 4 in the horse farm where special horse-riding training courses and horse boardinghouse services are also provided. Ability of perception through love for animals, competence of making immediate decisions and reflexes of the children, who get into contact with horses improve. Regardless of your age, you will enjoy it and you will be surprised the bond between you and a horse.

It is now very close for you to enjoy a wonderful day, away from crowd and noise of the city, nested inside natural life, horses and poultry animals. The distance of our hotel to the horse farm is about 20 km.

Yalova Horse Farm Address and Contact Details

500 Evler Mahallesi Bayrak Cad. No:141, Çiftlikköy/YALOVA 
0532 413 65 44



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